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Kisah Bogel-Kisah CF PLU yang bogel dan benar


CFm, a podcast channel dedicated to the CF community. All you need to know about ChemFun, the "highs", the lows, the good, the bad, the true, the lies, the cravings, the triggers, the harm, the harm reduction strategies;From real people, from the current users, the experts, from the young, the matured, the kinky; From the T, the false T the V, the false V, from the B, the pure B, from the heavy users, the casual users, the suppliers; From the Chinese, the Malay, the Indian, the Indon, the Bangla, the Paki, from the muscular, the chub, the average, the slim and anything in between…Let's admire the beauty, embrace the ugly, accept who they are and who we are. Let us support each other, helping those in need to make this world a healthier, safer, and happier place. Terima Kasih.